106 gti , spares or repair peugeot

relisting due to time waster. please bid to buy . if u want to come see it before hand please ask , i have since moved the car to my new house , pumped all the tires up and they have stayed ,brakes are not locked on and can be moved freely. had it running for a good hour or so after a jump . the interior , which i have no pictures for , sorry , is not moldy and in quite good condition , it is not leather . i have lots of paper work for the car , just got to find it out as we are still living out of boxes . i know these cars are sort after , not to sure what they are worth in this condition tho …. but i know it would probably not take a lot to put though a mot , pads.. Tyre … etc . i know it needs the door straitening and a respray . just wish i had the time , what with 2 kids now … having said this im not going to give that car away , i could get more scrapping it than most people offered last time it was listed , lol 106 gti , 78000 miles ish on the clock , last pics was in her glory days i haven’t used this car for years it was my pride and joy but it has been sat and im never going to get her going again , now moving house and its just another thing to move. when it was running it wanted for nothing . it was very fast and im not just saying that. ive spent thousands on it . don’t want to sell it but the wife has had her way . spares or repair. good bits had a rebuild by my old man at about 72000 miles , new cams head gasket pistons , clutch plus more that i forget had ebc green stuff pad with grooved discs toad alarm fitted with window closure 4-2 manifold with magnex cat back , got decat pipe as well quickshifter , remapped. sub plus amp in boot , lowered , got loads of paper work for it , had 2 new drive shaft and wish bones before it sat. if u view the old mots online u can see mileage and that bad bit hasn’t run for ages , it with start with a jump and run like a dream tho , needs new battery , paint has peeled , and dint in door and front wing . no mot , would need to be picked up on trailer viewing welcome

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £113.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Peugeot 106 GTis on eBay

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