106 GTI Track day race car I brought this car a few months ago of a friend, the car had the seats removed, and the sunroof in preparation for the track, but he never got round to using it. I then purchased it to put back on the road as in my opinion it was far to good to go on the track. I have had a few of these and this is showing no signs in the normal rust areas. (Would have made a good classic investment) I started off by putting some normal 106 seats (not GTI) back in the car ready for the MOT and then re-fitting a sunroof and roof lining (that I had to purchase). When I came to fit the sunroof I found out the sunroof mounting bracket had been ground out. Making fitting a new one a right pain. So I have given up. The car will be sold with the crapppy bit of carbon fibre covering the hole where the sunroof was (this has a crack in it on looks rubbish in my opinion. The roof was then painted grey (this has been done well and looks quite good. It has £1000’s of service history/documents 4 almost new Yokohamas s drive (cost £300) on 15” alloys in good condition Sorts exhaust and I think a sports CAT Its recently had uprated discs callipers hoses pads all in good condition but the car’s been standing for a bit now so they have surface rust on the discs. Recent water pump, rad, cam belt plus loads of other bits and bobs. I have only driven the car up the road and it goes and stops really well. Sound great. Starts first time even after a month of standing. Everything works, lights, windows ect other than the driver’s door lock doesn’t open on the key, so it has to be opened from the passenger’s side lock. The car will come with all the bits I have brought, sunroof, roof lining, sun visors I you want them. Car is located at Tilton on the hill, Leicester. Collection only and although everything works it’s got no MOT or tax, so how you move it is totally down to you. Please feel free to come and have a look.

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £950.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Peugeot 106 GTis on eBay

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