106 GTi Buyer’s guide

There are many simple checks you can do when buying a Peugeot 106 GTi to ensure you get a good reliable example and don’t end up with big bills further down the line. These checkpoints apply to many cars but take this list with you and you should be able to pick out a great car. Finally check out a whole host of 106 GTi\’s for sale here.

Service history

Check the service history to make sure the car has been regularly serviced with oil changes on time and the cambelt changed on time. Check the current mileage of the car matches up to the MOTs over the years. It’s doubtful many people clock 106 mileage’s but it has been known to happen. Check the chassis number on the car under the bonnet matches up to the V5 document.


Ideally do an HPI check on the vehicle to check it has not been written off or stolen in the past. If it has been stolen and you buy the car you could end up losing up. A written off car may be unsafe if not repaired correctly, difficult to insure or simply worth a lot less in a well supplied market.

Oil leaks

Look under the bonnet and car for any oil leaks especially around the camshaft covers. If the engine is freshly cleaned beware in case the owner is attempting to hide any leaks


Check the coolant, and oil are filled to the correct amount. The coolant should contain antifreeze not just water and not be below the minimum. The oil should be about the midway on the dipstick and ideally not black and sludgy in any way.

Rear suspension

The rear beam bearings can wear on 106’s so look out for are negative camber on the rear wheels and signs of tyres rubbing on the body work. This means the tops of the rear tyres are closer together than the bottom. This can be costly to fix.


Check the brake pads are not too badly worn and the discs don’t have a pronounced worn lip or budget for new brakes.


Check for rust underneath the car. Cosmetic rust is ok, but deep crumbly rot is best left well alone.


Check the exhaust is not blowing or too rusty or you will have to budget for a replacement.


The bodywork should be straight and true, check panels are not different colours or rusty. However 106s are getting on in age so you may find dings, dints and stone chips on a lot of cars for sale. Finally check the alloy wheels are not corroded and the tyres all have good tread and are not unevenly worn. Check the spare wheel is present and with a legal tyre.

Test drive

With the owners permission take the car for a drive, checking the coolant temperature stays around the middle of the gauge, the engine revs freely and the gearchange is not sloppy or imprecise. Check electricals like the windows, fans and interior lights all work ok. Ensure the clutch is not slipping when pulling away or revving hard. While you’re on a drive, listen out for any knocks/clonks from the suspension/drivetrain or exhaust rattling. Test the brakes pull up the car quickly and do not pull the steering to one side. Check for dash lights like the ABS or Airbag light.

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