Tyre update

Having had time to bed in, I can now comment on how the Falkens are coping on the road. A recent spate of dry weather has given me ample time to lean on them and see how capable they are. It’s now very difficult to spin them up in the dry, I can plant full throttle out a junction and they will grip right through to the top of 1st gear which is impressive.

Feedback through the corners is good, I can push on down country lanes with confidence, and a tight line round roundabouts doesn’t unsettle the car. If you get it wrong and head into the corner too quickly, the car tends to understeer, old dampers probably not helping.

Wet weather performance is not amazing to be brutally honest. I think there’s something to be said for a directional tread pattern that pushes water to the edge of the tyre. Hard braking is ok and doesn’t trigger the ABS too early, but if you push on the car loses grip quite quickly. As I don’t drive quickly in the wet anyway, this is not a problem for me.

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  • 106gti.co.uk says:

    Just a quick update to say wet weather performance has been shocking of late with these tyres. During this weekends wet weather I spent a little time testing their limits: On a damp roundabout they produce chronic understeer if the entry speed is a little high. This was only damp with no standing water and was very disappointing.

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