Fitting a new throttle cable

Throttle CableEver since buying the car the throttle has been pretty stiff in its operation. I noted when doing a service that the path of the accelerator cable from footwell to throttle body looks very easy to change, being high up on the offside of the engine bay. So with a couple of hours set aside, I quickly set about removing the old cable and replacing it with a brand new one from Peugeot. Since the car is 10 years old, it makes sense to replace cheap parts like this now, rather than risking them snapping in the future and leaving me stranded at the side of the road, awaiting recovery, hence the clutch cable is also on the list for a future job.

I spent £20 at 106 and a cable arrived after a couple of days. The kit comes complete with the whole assembly including outer cables etc. I decided I was only going to replace the inner cable as that would make the most difference and is a lot easier than replacing the whole thing.


Swapping the inner cable over is a straight forward job. First locate the throttle body at the back of the engine bay where the air filter hosing goes in toward the inlet manifold. Turn the throttle butterfly and remove the cable. note how frayed and old my old cable was. Now open the drivers door and press down the accelerator. You should be able to push the plastic clip out which holds the pedal to the throttle cable.  This part is optional: Tie some string to the end of the cable and pull the cable through the footwell to remove it. When I did this i found the string came off anyway.

Old frayed cableNew cable pulled through

Take the new cable and lying the old and new side by side check it is correct. Tie the string to the new cable and pull it through the firewall into the car. Alternatively (as I did) just feed the new cable back through the outer cable and it will appear in the engine bay.

Its a bit fiddly but attach the new clip to the pedal and from the engine bay route the cable and offer it up to the butterfly so you know where to cut the cable short. Once cut, you can fit the clamp onto the end of the cable and refit to the butterfly. You may need to adjust the clip on the throttle body end of the cable to take up/give some slack as necessary.

Pedal clip

Now take it for a drive!

What a difference! The accelerator is now feather light and smooth. I’m actually convinced it will help the fuel economy as it now feels adjustable by a minute degree rather than the feeling you had to stomp on the thottle before.


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