Lift Off!

106 oversteerLift-off oversteer (LOO) is a term used to describe the process that happens when lifting your foot off the throttle while cornering at speed, to induce weight transfer and cause oversteer primarily in a front wheel drive car.

Some cars are more prone to LOO than others and some are deliberately designed to make it accessible. LOO should come with a warning, however, if you’re not expecting it, you could easily end up in an accident as the rear of the car overtakes the front!
Once the rear of the car is sliding, the usual couse of action is to steer in the direction of the slide and apply the throttle. This takes training and discipline as most people tend to automatically press the brake, or panic and take no action at all, leading to a spin, or worse a crash. It is also important not to overcorrect the steering by applying too much corrective lock and then end up getting into a ‘tank slapper’ and fishtailing down the road.
Taking the car on a trackday is one of the ways to learn this characteristic in a relatively safe environment and then you can choose to adjust the car on the limit using this technique or just employ it for fun.

The 106 GTi/Rallye with it’s excellent chassis, allows oversteer on demand and is part of the car’s charm. It’s rare nowadays for cars to oversteer when lifting for safety reasons but there are still many hatchbacks that do, 306 GTI-6, Clio Sports, Civic Type-Rs to mention a few.

LOO in action:

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