Clutch failure

Not a good week! Driving back from the gym one night this week, the clutch pedal felt like it’s bite was lower than normal. Then suddenly I was unable to select gears – it was as if the clutch was not disconnecting drive from the engine. So I had to carefully slide the gears in using the right amount of revs just to get me home. As I pulled up on the driveway, I tried to move the car out of second gear. Eventually it shifted and the clutch pedal hit the floor. The clutch was making an awful grinding noise in neutral which made me think this was not going to be cheap! So not having the time or inclination to diagnose a clutch fault I rang the garage and asked them to recover the next day.

The garage confirmed the release bearing was completely shot and had started grinding through the clutch forks. The annoying thing is, that I replaced the clutch with a Valeo item not 10,000 miles ago and it looks like the part was faulty as the release bearing is worn to pieces. The garage replaced the input shaft seal on the gearbox while it was off, as well as a driveshaft seal to cure a small oil leak and the Pug was back on the road for a not inconsiderable sum.

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