Losing power, jerky, no acceleration

Injector failure

Injector failure

More problems with the Pug! This time the car started hesistating badly under load, and felt very much down on power. Pulling out of a junction, it felt like the exhaust was blocked as the car would barely accelerate up to road speed. It was also ‘kangarooing down the road, one minute it had a little more power, then the next it was gutless again. I nursed it to work and back and set about taking a look at he possible causes. I started with inspecting the coil pack. Typically symptoms like this are down to fuelling or ignition problems. The coil pack can be a possible failure point when experiencing a misfire and relatively cheap to replace. I observed a large crack in the coilpack, with could be causing the lack of spark on one cylinder and hence absence of power. Since I had a spare coil pack I set about replacing it which was fine until I realised that Peugeot obviously have two types of coilpack. They look almost identical with the same product numbers but the loom plug is slightly different. Fail. So I managed to get hold of the correct coil pack, started the engine and… …same problem.

I booked the car into the garage to get sorted quickly and the diagnostics indicated a faulty injector on cylinder 1 and a intermittent fault on number two injector. Two replacements and the car was up and running. The garage cleaned the throttle body and inlet manifold while they were replacing the injectors.

If you’re car has the same symptoms (misfiring, down on power) you can usually narrow it down to one of the following areas (in ascending cost order):

  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel filter – blocked or dirty
  • Coil pack – cracked or faulty
  • Blocked exhaust – cat internals may have dislodged and blocked the exhaust
  • Injectors – dirty or faulty – ultrasonic cleaning can sometimes fix this
  • Lambda sensor – faulty sensor affects engine fuelling
  • Fuel pump – failed or unable to provide adequate fuel pressure
  • Camshaft timing out – backfiring
  • ECU fault

If you don’t have access to a diagnostic machine you could investigate the fault in the above order, however diagnostic checks can be worthwhile (as in my case) and tell you exactly what the problem is, for not much cash.

Another costly month! Though nice of the garage to fit an auxiliary belt, tensioner and spark plugs for free. It can pay to go to a decent reputable garage.


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