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Welcome to the listing of my race 106 gti, I have spent 100s of hours developing this car and in the region of over £25000 doing so. It has been a no expense spared build and has always been maintained to the highest level. In the last three years it has had 1 dnf that was due to a stone piercing the radiator in 2016 and I pulled off due to the water temp hitting 95 degrees, other than that it has never broken down or had any problems. I will put in the listing everything that I can think of but there is that much to list I may forget a few things but I’m happy to answer any question via a phone call or messaging on here. I am regrettably selling the car but I’m buying a house so that has to take priority at this point in time. ENGINE The engine has had extensive work carried out which includes input from sandy brown and srd race engines, the pistons and rods were custom made to sandy browns specification and were made by carrillo and fitted with arp con rod bolts, the crank is standard but has been balanced, it has a baffled sump kit fitted to it from Peugeot sport racing. The cams fitted were also custom made from sandy brown to his specification. The has been worked on by srd race engines, it has been ported and polished, had oversized zetec valves fitted and solid lifters, bronze guide bushes and brand new jp4 cam covers from Peugeot. It had a lightened and balanced fly wheel fitted and a single plate paddle helix clutch. Jenvey throttle bodies with 182 injectors fitted along with a jenvey fuel rain and manifold blueprinted to suit the head. Custom made trumpets again to sandy browns specifications. The manifold was made by Edwards’s motorsport which you can only buy through sandy brown as it is his custom design. The rest of the exhaust system was custom made by Edwards motorsport. It has a brand new bosch alternator fitted along with a satchel engineering alloy pulley and brand new tension pulley, brand new gates timing belt kit and water pump fitted beginning of the season but i only competed for three meeting so has done less the 3 hours of driving. The engine oil and filter is changed every race meeting, (1 hour of running/driving) always used quality oil and genuine oil filters. The cooling system is far from standard, it is running silicone hoses all round, a 205 gti radiator with a twin fan set up and a vw polo header tank. It has a 16 row mocal oil cooler fitted and both the radiator and oil cooler have their own cold air feel and pressure chamber and are mounted on a custom tubular front end to drop the radiator and bring it forward to increase the air flow, the car always runs at 85-90 degrees during a race. The management is an omex ecu with a sandy brown loom, the car has always been mapped by sandy brown. the engine made over 200bhp on the last dyno run and pull extremely well TRANSMISSION The gearbox is a s1 xsi gearbox which was rebuilt at the beginning of the season, it has a tranex plated type diff fitted, the drive shafts are from satchel engineering which cost in the region of £450 new, i have had them on the car for three years and not broken one. They are nearly twice the size of standard shafts. It also has a satch shift fitted which improves the gear change dramatically. The gear oil gets changed every meeting (1 hour of running/driving) SUSPENSION The front end is running satchell engineering lower rose jointed adjustable arms, strut top mounts and a lower strut brace. The shock absorbers are gaz gold front and rear, the fronts have built in camber which was put in when they were built by gaz, the steering rack is a s2 power steering rack with a s1 steering column and a omp steering wheel which has a pop off boss. The rear axle was replaced with a new one at the beginning of last season, it is also running an etec upper strut brace. BRAKES. The brakes are running a bigger servo a master cylinder. It has braided lines direct from the master cylinder to the callipers. It has new standard rear callipers with Delphi discs and pads, the front has brand new 406 coupe brembo 4 pots fitted with nearly new rc5 pads and g hooked discs which came from Ben Godney from Godspeed braking. SHELL The shell was bought from will di-claudio who used it in the castle combe saloons for quite a few years and won the championship a few years running. It is a s1 shell with an s2 front and rear end fitted to it. It has a full safety devices cage fitted, poly carbonate windows from all round except from the windscreen which has been changed for a heated windscreen. It has a fibre glass dashboard fitted which weighs nearly nothing, the front cross member and slam panel has been removed and a custom tubular front end has been made which is lighter and as previously mentions allows the radiator to be brought forward an down. The front bumper has been skinned as has the bonnet. The newer splitter design also mounts to another part of the tubular front end. (See pic 1 for the newer splitter design) The aero on the car was all custom made. The flat floor was custom made to a high standard from aluminium and flows right into the integrated diffuser. The spoiler was also custom made but easily removable. MISCELLANEOUS 15” team dynamics all round with nankang ar1 tyres fitted. Alloy fuel tank, alloy swirl pot, facet pump, bosch high pressure fuel pump. Odyssey race battery. Plumbed in fire extinguisher with internal and external pull cords. External ignition cut off pull cord. Corbeau wrap round race seat on custom mounts. In date race harness. It has an msa log book. Capillary type gauges, they cost more but i don’t trust the electrical has a single wiper conversion with an extended linkage to wipe the entire screen with one wiper As i said i have probably missed a few bits out but i am happy to answer any questions you might have. This will come as a ready to race package and is a championship winning car which holds several class records. The car will come with a few spare which will include a full set of wet tyres and a spare which will all be on team dynamics and a spare dry which will also be on a team dynamic. I will put the rest of the spares package together before a viewing so you can see what you get which will include some spare splitters. No time wasters please, £15,000 but im open to offers. Uk delivery available, The car is advertised elsewhere, any question just call me on 07805594125.

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £15000.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Peugeot 106 GTis on eBay

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