2007 Golf GTI , Man, 106,000 Miles, 4 owners, FSH, No reserve

2007 Golf GTI Manual. Please don’t bother me with best price messages. I will ignore them and let the auction run out as there is no reserve and the starting price is low. 3 former keepers, myself being the fourth, 106,500 miles with documented full service history. completely original car. I have owned this car for just under 2 years after purchasing it from a family member who owned it from 60,000 miles until the time I bought it. Generally, the car is in very good condition and I have a good knowledge of the cars history, but as is usual for a car of this age, it has a few marks here and there. The bad bits, as I don’t want to waste anybody’s time including my own. * Slight scratch down the driver’s side of the car, documented in the pictures. This scratch is something you hardly ever notice day to day as you can see from the general photos of the car, it’s very hard to notice unless the light is just right. It is definitely worth pointing out though. * Slight chipping of paint on the rear window trim. Documented in pictures. * Very slight hesitation on some first starts in cold weather, but this is for half a second to a second every now and again. Its something I have investigated online, and seems to be fairly common. Its never failed to start for me and once running is not an issue and subsequent starts throughout the day are perfect. The good bits, as I like cars and tend to spend a fair bit on maintenance. *New tyres on all corners around 5000 miles ago. As you can see from the pictures, still in superb shape. *New Cam follower when I first purchased the car at 95,000 miles. Very common issue on this engine. *New rear wheel bearings *New Varta battery within the last 6 months. I though this might have been the solution to the cold start issue. *Replaced Gearbox oil with VW brand gear oil. (Shifts to second were a bit sticky, still are for the first 10 min on a cold day.) *Replaced both rear calipers and full brake fluid flush. The calipers are a known issue and tend to become sticky with age. *Replaced diverter valve with revision G item. The original items tend to fail and leak causing a loss of power. Generally, a much loved and well looked after example of a Golf GTI. Truly sad to be selling this car, but I only have space for a single car, so it must go. I have been brutally honest listing the faults of this car, but please don’t let this put you off, as I expect these are points most people would not have bothered to mention. On 04-Mar-19 at 07:25:56 GMT, seller added the following information: ** Edit to add. NO SPARE KEY **On 06-Mar-19 at 22:03:01 GMT, seller added the following information: ** Few more details to commonly asked questions.** * Cam belt was done by VW in 2014 at around 63,000 miles.* Air con and heater works.* MOT due 23 June 2019

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £2850.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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