Time flies!

Time flies! Things have been so busy in personally and professionally over the last few years that it has been difficult to find time to blog. However there’s loads to talk about! Firstly I dipped my toe back into 106 GTi ownership with a very special car! (more info to come in further posts). In the past few years the modern classic car market has been booming. With the advent of low interest rates, investors are looking for tax free gains which has boosted prices of desirable cars across the board.  Combined with middle age people looking to get back into the cars they loved from their youth and the increasing amount of modern, sanitised, mundane motors on the market, good condition 106s are starting to appreciate and get the attention they deserve. With only 294 106 GTis on the road last year ) finding a rust free example in good condition can be a minefield nowadays (see buying guide here for tips). Don’t leave it too late! 

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