peugeot 106 gti

1998 Peugeot 106 gtiMot intill August 2020One of best colours being diablo redElectric mirrors/windows etc all work as they shouldModifications are,4-1 exhaust manifold onto pugsport exhaust systemCatcams (can not remember which ones) can really hear them kick in at 4k+ revsInduction kit205 gti alloys with toyo proxes T1 RLowered with bilstein shocks Mapped ecu (current one has a spot at 30/40mph where hunts a little depending on where revs are but once used to it you can miss it) but does come with another standard unmapped ecu which can be changed over if an issue for you does pull hard on mapped ecuUsual rust spots are very good, good strong shell!Has to be one of cleanest orginal interiors out there!Angle eye head lights/projector styleHas a mark on roof where bird poo has effected the laquaerHas a boot full of spares which from memory include..Standard camshaftsStandard headlights Tail lights Quick shifterEcuCoil packVarious bolts etcRocker covers Alternator Injector railEngine mountsVarious other thingsRarely gets used as i have a daily and others but can go weeks without getting started and it will always start on the first crank no matter the weather! Orginal plan was to take back to Standard and sort out paintwork in couple areas (not bad its just a 22 year old car) which are raising in value fast! Quick overview A very fair condition future classic that just needs a little love before its worth its full potential £££ right people will know how the market is going, very fun car to drive which performs very well and sounds good (do have a video if wanted) Very strong shell which is a big bonus!Very strong reliable engine!Near on perfect interiorGood example if someone did want to take it back to standard! Ive said the niggly bits, honest sale(if i have forgotton anything i will update add). On 10-Feb-20 at 20:56:07 GMT, seller added the following information: +central locking works as it should alsoOn 10-Feb-20 at 21:34:29 GMT, seller added the following information: Mileage is 110k sorry i did put it on details before the description bit but didnt realise it hasnt showed it, average of 5k a year so low mileage for the year.On 16-Feb-20 at 16:54:11 GMT, seller added the following information: If anyone wants to see photos of front strut legs/boot floor etc then message me as it wont let me add/change photos now but this is properly the most solid unrestored one out signs of rust!

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £2550.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Peugeot 106 GTis on eBay

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