Fitting a GTi Wheel Arch Extension

Wheel arch fittingFor the last couple of  months, I’ve been running around with a missing offside wheel arch extension. These form part of the standard bodykit fitted to all GTi models as well as some of the other models in the range. Since I managed to rip one of mine off trying to reverse out of a very narrow and extremely steep concrete driveway, I needed to set about fixing it. So I got hold of a sprayed wheel arch extension and fixings ready to fit.

To change it, start by jacking up the car, securing with an axle stand and taking off the wheel. Once you have the wheel removed you’ll need to remove the inner plastic wheel arch. Do this by pulling on the arch, removing the thumb clips as you go round. Eventually when youve pulled it out youll be able to see the holes in the wing for the arch extension. Use this opportunity to remove any debris and mud that may be hidden behind the wheel arch to prevent any rust problems in the future.

Now offer up the arch and press into the bodywork.

Remove the arch liner to get to the clipsYou’ll need the fixings from Peugeot that hold the arch extension to the wing. I reused 4 of the rubber parts from the old clips.  I found using a socket to help press the fixings on while pushing with your hand from the outside helped. After you fix all of the clips, check to make sure they’re all secure and there’s no gaps in the bodywork. Refit the wheel, remove the stand and jack.

Torque the wheel nuts up and voila!