Bear with me

106 GTi bear alloy wheels

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, then comes along some alloy wheels shaped like teddy bears. No, I’m not joking, for your viewing pleasure, we have some teddy bear alloys to fit your 106 GTi. Click here to revel in their amazing looks and be the envy of all your friends. Or should that be laughing stock! Not sure I could ever bring myself to buy such things, even for the better half!

Locking wheel nut woes…

Wheel nut and keyThe standard Peugeot locking wheel nut keys are often poorly made and subject to snapping easily. This happened to me recently, leaving me to remove the wheel nuts with no key. If you find yourself in this situation like I did, theres an easy solution. Take a 19mm socket and hammer it onto the wheel nut until its securely fixed onto the nut. Take a ratchet and simply undo the nut! So much for secure locking nuts! I recommend once you get the nuts out, you replace them with more secure ones like a set from McGard. These are much more effective and harder to remove, but the keys are made of much stronger stuff and won’t break. And if you lose the key you can order replacement keys easily via email or phone.

McGard locking nuts for sale:

Carbon City

Money no object? Head over to Streamline Carbon where you buy almost any Carbon fibre part to fit the 106.

Having seen their work on the GTi-6 and their willingness to create custom carbon fibre parts at prices reasonably accessible to the general public, I thought I’d check out their range for the 106.

As well as its inherent beauty, Carbon Fibre offers a very lightweight and very strong option, particularly good for track cars where weight is the enemy. From coilpack covers to tailgates the range is impressive, if expensive. However when you bear in mind, this sort of technology was previously reserved for Formula One cars, it is impressive to see it filtering down to the cheap hot hatch market.

Check out their impressive demo 106 Maxi build project here