Alloy wheels

Choosing alloy wheels for your GTi can be toughChoosing new alloys for your 106 is a very personal thing. Some owners like myself are advocates of keeping it standard. However changing wheels can bring benefits beyond just a cosmetic change. Wider wheels can offer more grip as there is a bigger tyre contact patch on the road. Tyres can also be cheaper in larger wheel sizes. For example tyres to fit the 14″ stock alloys on the GTi are actually more expensive than some 15″ equivalents. As the tyres are made in lower quantities, economies of scale can’t be reached for the manufacturers like they can in more common sizes. Changing to larger wheels means there is a wider choice of performance tyres too – the most important thing keeping you stuck to the road! Upgrading to lighter alloy wheels means the car has less unsprung weight which can improve handling and ride quality. Finally, larger alloys often allow you to fit larger brakes, a common upgrade for track and fast road cars. e.g. Upgrading to the Peugeot 306 GTi Cyclones allows you to upgrade to the GTi-6 calipers which provide excellent stopping power over standard. Choose wisely however, fit too large a wheel and the handling and looks will be compromised.


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