AlternatorThe Alternator on your car is the essential small component under the bonnet that recharges the battery as you drive along. Without it, you’d be coming to a halt pretty quickly as your battery loses charge. Alternators can be refurbished with new brushes and bearings, but more often than not you can be looking at in excess of £150 for a refurbished replacement. If the alternator is on the way out, the car may be sluggish to start in a morning, lights may appear dim, and the whole electrical system with not perform properly. If you notice these warning signs it’s time to replace the alternator. Fitting a second hand unit from ebay can be very cost efficient, and very easy to do yourself if you’re in possession of a few basic tools. Alternatively a garage should charge less than an hours labour to replace. Check out the list below for 106 GTi replacement alternators on sale:


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