driveshaftDriveshafts are the long shafts that transmit power from the gearbox to the wheels of your car. Often over time, these can wear from being subjected to constant heat cycles and stress from acceleration and decelleration. Symptoms of a tired driveshaft often include a clicking when turning tightly and a knocking or shaking of the gearstick that increases with road speed. When the offside driveshaft went on my GTi, the noise more of a whining and a grinding noise. It can be quite hard to pinpoint the noise exactly even when looking underneath the car, however often the rubber boots are split or damaged which leaks grease and the join dries up over time and wears. Drivehshafts can be very expensive from Peugeot (as I can testify) so feel free to check out the list below which are more reasonably priced available on ebay:


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