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Replacement GTi engines readily availableEngine failures are rare in the 106, but if yours has reached the end of the life, there are plenty of replacements available at a reasonable price on ebay.

Fitting a new cambelt and tensioners to the engine is advisable before dropping the engine in as it works out lot easier out of the car, and if there is no documented evidence of it being changed from the seller you’ll be running the risk of it snapping further down the line. Ideally you want to see the donor engine running, with documented evidence of oil and oil filter changes. Ask the seller if the engine ever used any oil or had any tapping, rattling or smoking.

Don’t be afraid of higher mileage engines providing they have been looked after. A well maintained 100,000 mile engine can be in much better condition than a neglected 50,000 mile engine (as evidenced by the 140,000+ mile engine in my GTi)

And finally pay attention to the seller’s feedback – do they have a lot of positive comments?

See below for a list of 106 GTi engines currently for sale:


Sorry, no items were found to display. That could mean that these items are currently not available or that there is a temporary problem.

You could try checking later, or go and search eBay directly.

Another thing you could try is to search Amazon.com.

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