The 106 GTi gearbox is fairly sturdy for the most part. It will often see ~150,000 miles without any problems. However there are exception; Those that have never had the transmission oil changed will suffer, as will those coping with an increase in the power output of your car. The MA ‘box as it is known is not very tolerable of increases in torque and can strip teeth from the gears. Hard road and track driving can put more stress on the ‘box over time sometimes resulting in damage to the gearset or sychromesh. The Synchromesh, the mechanism that synchronises two shafts running at different speeds inside the gearbox can wear over many thousand gear changes. This can cause grinding when trying to change gear. Often replacing the gearbox is a much cheaper way to overcome this problem than repairing the synchomesh itself. Tip: If you have to change the gearbox, consider changing the clutch even if it is not fully worn, to save on labour costs should the clutch need changing in the near future. A second hand gearbox is often the cheapest way to get your car back on the road, as gearbox rebuilds are usually fairly expensive. Check the listings below for replacement 106 GTi gearboxes for sale.


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