Rear beam/axles for sale

Rear beams can be an issue on hatches like the 106 and 306. The bearings can wear away in as little at 70,000 miles creating a very loose and unpredictable feeling from the rear end of the car. The wheels often exhibit negative camber when the beam is shot (the tops of the tyres and closer at the top than the bottom) Symptoms of a knackered rear axle are a wandering of the car – wanting to change lanes on the motorway without any steering input. Cornering can be very unsettling especially at speed as the car changes attitude mid corner. Lowering the car can allow water ingress and speed the bearing wear if not done properly. Replacing the beam is fairly straight forward, requiring removal of the exhaust, brake lines and handbrake cables. This is often preferred, and is often cheaper than rebuilding the beam, however make sure you buy a beam that is in better condition than the one you’re removing. There are lots of 106 GTi rear beams for sale on ebay, see below for a list currently available to buy:


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