Time for new tyres

After using my track tyres on the road for a few weeks, following a blow out, I decided it was time to sort out some decent road tyres. I decided to opt to replace all 4 tyres, rather than just the single axle as the existing tyres were odd budget brands and didn’t have a huge amount of tread left anyway. The problem is because the standard ‘Raptor’ alloy wheels are 14″ they are reaching the point where tyres are actually becoming more expensive than larger sizes. With many hatchbacks now coming with 15″ or even 17″ wheels as standard nowadays, economies of scale on 14″ tyres are diminishing.

Regardless of this fact, I always ensure I have the best tyres I possibly can, to give me the ability to stop or avoid something in the event of an accident or emergency. Having used Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres in the past which were fantastic in all conditions, I tried to find some in the required size. It was becoming obvious this was going to be more difficult than planned, as the F1s now only come in 17″ sizes and above. So from the limited choice I had I opted for Falken ZE912s from Camskill. Although not as reverred as the FK452s (unavailable in 14″) they were the best pick from the bunch at a reasonable £40 a tyre and received several good reviews from performance car drivers.

First impressions are of a fairly grippy tyre, I can still spin them up in the dry, which I struggled to do with the Eagle F1s though. I will report back on how well they are lasting tread wise, in a future post.