Loving the Leather

Since I bought the car with a red and grey flecked interior I set about  searching for a half leather interior to smarten up the 106. I found a reasonably priced set approx 40 miles away in excellent condition. The drivers seat had some wear to the leather on one of the bolsters but the set was in such good condition it was a done deal.

I removed the passenger seat and lo Peugeot have decided to use two different style pretensioner plugs under the seat. The consequence of not wiring up them up is that the Airbag light stays lit on the dash.

So to avoid this, I cut the plug off the old seats and crimped a couple of bullet connectors on the wires (couldn’t find my soldering iron at the time!). I cut the plugs off the new seats, discarded them and added a couple of connectors to the seat wire, so I could easily mate up the old plug. I then carefully cable tied to the seats so all the wiring was secure and bolted the seats down (4 torx bolts). I turned on the ignition and the airbag light went out after a second or two, as expected.

The rear seats were very easy to fit, just a couple of bolts on each side and job done, they were installed. I managed to shift on the old seats to the same guy I bought the leather from, who handily picked them up from my garage which was ideal for me.

All thats left is to find a set of matching doorcards and the red and grey flecks will be banished to history.