Track n Road rolling road

Track ‘N’ Road are a well respected tuner, offering engine mapping services on their 1200bhp rolling road. Renowned for no-nonsense advice and none of the usual pub-talk figures put out by other rolling roads, their premesis just off the A13 in Rainham, Essex is often frequented by powerful road cars right up to powerful Le Mans prototype track only motors.

I decided to take the 106 along to see how many of it’s horses had been lost over the years! Currently on 125,000 miles, the engine in the 106 still feels strong and healthy to be fair, and it was only a fraction slower on the straights than a 220bhp Mini Cooper S, at the last trackday. Therefore I was intrigued to know what it would make.

Several Rotrex-powered supercharged 306 Gti-6s made good power at 240bhp and upward. A standard GTi-6 made bang on the factory output with a very nice stock power and torque curve.

Then it was the 106’s turn. The little pug decided it didn’t like the rolling road operator and proceeded to shock him as he was trying to find an RPM signal. Turns out the coilpack has a crack in it, hence the shock.
When the car was finally hooked up and strapped down, the run started. Up came the result: 127.3bhp, 7.3bhp up on standard. Now usually I wouldn’t read anything into a 7bhp difference on a rolling road as there are so many variables. But because we had other cars to compare to rather than it being an isolated run, and the good reputation of this rolling road, meant I was very impressed, especially for a motor on 125,000 miles.

BHP graph here