oil change

Oil Change time

Probably one of the important, yet easiest jobs to carry out on your car. With just a basic set of tools you can ensure your engine is running on clean oil, lubricating all the moving parts. Given the 106 gets tracked regularly, I like to change the oil every 6 months or 6-8000 miles at least.

Having used a washing up bowl for years, I decided to go upmarket and buy a proper oil drain pan with spout to stop the annoyance of spilling the used oil when trying to get it back into a bottle. I found a pan on ebay for £13.95 delivered.

I used:

Oil filter Part no. 1109.N2

10W40 semi synth oil

Copper crush washer

24mm socket

Oil drain pan

Start by ensuring the engine is warm (not hot you dont want to burn yourself on the oil). Jack up the nearside of the car and getting an axle stand under the chassis to ensure you can get underneath safely.

Place the oil pan underneath the sump and undo the sump plug. I use a 24mm socket to start it off, and carefully unscrew it.

Withdraw the plug, and let the oil drain into the pan.

If your oil pan is big enough like mine, move it forward so it is both under the sump plug and under the oil filter. You can now unscrew the oil filter and let any oil drain into the oil pan. I use a reliable set of Halfords oil filter pliers I bought years ago, far easier to use than any chain tool.

Replace the filter with a new one, careful not to overtighten it.

Replace the sump plug with a new copper crush washer.

Clean up the sump with newspaper or cloth.

Oil and filter

Refill the engine with new oil, checking the dipstick regularly.

Start the engine, let it warm up and check the oil level again. Top up if necessary.

Job done 🙂