The 106 GTi engine

The TU5J4 as it is known by Peugeot is a 16 valve, twin overhead cam engine at 1587cc just shy of 1.6 litres in capacity. It’s high revving nature and good spread of torque makes up a big part of the GTi’s character and contributes a lot to the hot hatch. The engine is a favourite among tuners and enthusiasts as it responds well to modifications and as standard often exceeds Peugeot’s document 120bhp output from the factory. With a better flowing manifold and a more aggressive camshaft, the TU can reach 160bhp without two much trouble – a 33% increase on standard power for not a huge outlay.

With some of these engines having fallen into the hands of people who have not maintained them properly with regular oil changes, and the like, you may find yourself needing a new engine. The most common failures are:

  • snapped cambelts resulting in a damaged cylinder head
  • oil starvation from low oil resulting in worn conrod and main bearings and knocking
  • worn piston rings/bored leading to smoking and burning oil

Unfortunately repairing a broken or damaged engine can work out a lot more than buying a replacement second hand block. A snapped cambelt for example, can trash all the valves in the cylinder head and even put pressure on the bottom end which may fail later after a repair. With the cost of a cylinder head repair, new valves, skim, headgasket, coolant, oil, belts and fitting, it can soon mount up to a lot more than the cost of a second hand engine.

Luckily, replacement engines are readily available in the second hand market for a very good price nowadays. For as little as £100 you can pick up a full engine with ancillaries (alternator, starter motor etc still fitted). You will of course need an engine crane and some knowledge and tools to remove the old engine and fit a new one. However even if you don’t plan to fit it yourself, you could always pick up a replacement engine for a garage to fit for you (Providing you have another car or friend to transport it).

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